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This had included the company Auto Trader, which was under the Guardian Media Group banner, but which they sold in Losses were still being felt in when it was announced that focus would be directed towards the digital, online newspaper to ensure that most news contents appeared in an online form. Today, however, the print version is still available alongside the online version, whereas The Independent, in comparison, is now solely based online.

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The Independent launched in and this newspaper, also in broadsheet format, was viewed as heavy competition to The Guardian regarding the readers it was trying to attract. As with other newspapers, adverts featured predominantly on the front page.

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However, in , The Guardian started to print news on the front page. A redesign of The Guardian newspaper followed in including improvements to ink quality and font used in the masthead title. There was also a re-launch of the features section in , and this was branded as a tabloid based supplement known as G2. Other newspapers followed suit, and this led to the rise of compact papers, as newspapers were starting to move forward with design, recognising the popularity of this change in format.

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In , The Guardian newspaper announced plans to transfer to a Berliner midi format , a format that was mainly adopted for European papers. This decision was as a result of two rival newspapers, The Independent and The Times, announcing plans to publish their papers in compact format. The Berliner format was adopted in September and enabled The Guardian to retain an independent appearance in comparison to the other newspapers but also allow for more flexibility in print and design, including over approximately fonts.

The Observer followed its sister paper and adopted the Berliner format the following year.

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The newspaper supplements also follow the Berliner format, apart from G2 which has moved to demi-Berliner format, akin to that of a magazine. Once produced, it was well received. However, feedback indicated that there was negativity concerning the traditional cartoon strip that was dropped, with many complaints from readers. The strip was reinstated as a result of this feedback which shows that, in the 21st century, opinions of the general public do count.

British college and university newspapers and websites also have the opportunity to compete in the Guardian Student Media Awards, also established in , with journalism at the heart of this award along with design.

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The Newsroom, which is both an archive and visitor centre in London, was jointly launched by The Guardian and The Observer in It does this by collecting material that will give an accurate and understandable history of the papers, and making it accessible to the public. The previous editions of The Manchester Guardian, the newspaper in its original form, are available in the British Library archives. The Guardian newspaper is available throughout the week as a daily and also on a Saturday.

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  7. The Saturday edition of The Guardian newspaper is rather hefty. Not only is it in Berliner format, with larger pages, it contains:. The paper itself is 54 pages. But would it be the same digitally, or would you not realise the extent of what you get for your money by only viewing one page at a time? By holding all of the contents of this edition in your one hand, you can feel the weight of the content.

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    There is an attractive banner at the top to introduce this autumn travel special which is included, along with other interviews contained therein. The autumn travel section is one of the inner supplements provided. This banner, which includes the title of the newspaper, covers almost half of the page, so when the paper is folded in half, this is all you can see. This is designed to be the first thing you notice in the shop and therefore does have to be eye catching, which it is as it is in your face and colourful. RBS offer their smallest ever loan rate with a banner ad which spans across a double page spread, and the image with this is of a child helping her dad wash the family car.

    This newspaper features quite a few adverts from charitable organisations asking for donations. There is also a full-page commercial for premium bonds.

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    There is a choice of four restaurants, and the small print also reveals that it is a digital gift card. The Eye Witness section is a double page spread with pictures of the week where they offer a small descriptive sentence or two, but where the text is in fact unnecessary. There is a Guardian documentaries and brain-waves section accessible online, and chunky, and colourful photo commercials advertise this.

    The Guardian also offers postgraduate courses. Deals on financial products are available by going to the Guardian money website page. There is an page section on Journal with a feature on the United States presidential campaign, other features, author interview, letters to the editor, as well as extensive obituary reviews like The Times, and birthdays of those in the arts and public eye.

    There is also a consumer column and an agony uncle page for problems that readers are experiencing at work. The problems are listed alongside advice from the columnist as well as with comments from readers who comment on the website and are then featured in the paper. This example shows how the interactive digital platform is working, and also being carried forward into the print copy.

    To get closer to the journalism it appears you need to become a member to access further content online. As The Guardian newspaper is traditionally classed as a left wing paper, those political articles contained within are biased in their phrasing. However, they could still be reporting factually; just with a political stance to sway the reader.

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    The Review section is 22 pages long and includes: fiction, non fiction, arts, lives and letters, paperbacks, the Guardian bookshop where podcasts are also available; essay, re-reading, concert news, events, bestsellers, weekly charts, comic strip, some poetry, and a full page article on the back page with selected Master Class courses.

    This supplement included a lot of text interspersed with photos and images, but it was text heavy in comparison to the other supplements. However, this is not surprising with it being a review supplement including reviews. As a reader, you want information, context, and opinion from a supplement such as this. There are also other advertisements that do not necessarily have a reason for their location other than to fill white space. The overseas travel promotion features details of a luxury cruise launch, but the prices are quite high — is this based on a perception of the anticipated audience?

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