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Once the rebates are confirmed you will receive the money in your account! Once you reach that threshold, you can cash out to your PayPal account or you can keep building it up as long as you want before cashing out. I personally like to let mine build up all year and use it for Christmas money! It is important to know the meaning of the language on your coupons.

Every coupon has guidelines written on it that you need to understand. Remember I told you to find a local couponing blogger and follow them? Well, you will probably want to know all of the abbreviations that couponers use as well! I have made a list so you will never have to question it! Feel Free to Pin the image to save for later! You have a handle on the basics.

Your list is ready and you have your coupons in hand. It is now time to take on your first shopping trip. I always double check that my items match my coups before putting them in my car. Then I will mark them off of my list and move on to the next item. Simply head over to the customer service desk and request a rain-check see above info-graphic. With a rain check, even if your coupons expire before the item is back in stock, you can still use them as long as they were valid at the time the rain-check was issued.

You have everything in your cart, ready for checkout now, and here comes the part when your heart starts to sink and the nerves creep in. It might sound terrible, but I prefer a younger cashier. They are typically more knowledgeable than the older generation and more friendly as well. If they are reading and checking every single coupon, that is their job! There has been so many instances of couponing fraud recently that they need to be extra careful to ensure everything is on the up and up.

In order to speed along the check out process, I have a method that has been proven to cut time and make the cashier happy.

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What I do it when I put my items on the belt, I place the corresponding coupons right there with them. That way the cashier sees the item, sees the coupon, and is able to quickly ensure that the coupon matches the item. There will be times you get a rude cashier, just smile and move along. Sometimes you can ask to speak to a manager in order to verify a coupon, but remember to always be friendly!

There has been times where I have had to pull out my copy of the coupon policy and show it to the cashier so that I could use some of my coupons. Most likely this is going to be a store that you will be shopping at on a regular basis. You want the cashiers to remember you for a positive reason, not a negative! Now you know the basics of couponing and are ready for your first trip!

Remember, any amount saved is an awesome job! Feel free to leave a reply below and I will get back to you as soon as possible! I love helping people learn the basics of couponing so they can save money for their families too! Thank you for the tips! Wow, I had NO idea there was so much behind couponing! It sounds like an awesome way to save a little cash. I have tried to get into couponing but I am not very good at it. I guess I need to use some more of your tips. Wow…I started coupling last year. Have you checked out the Crazy Coupon Lady?

This is also a great site to use as a resource. Wow, I need to follow your tips haha. I never knew about match ups!

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Hopefully I can save a few bucks next time we go shopping! Thank you for this list! It can be a daunting task, to figure out how to organize coupons and how to get them easily. I need to get back into couponing again. I was doing it for a while and then stopped. Thanks for the tips! Very helpful post, I pinned it because part of my goal is to cut our grocery budget down a bit. This will definitely help. So many great tips, this makes it feel much more doable and take away the intimidation of couponing.

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I am saving this for my future planning to save some money! Wow — this is awesome! What a great resource for beginning to coupon. Any way I can save money is a good thing! Where do you find most of your coupons? From internet, papers? Plus how many hours a week do you end up spending coupling before actually going shopping. I wish I had more time for couponing. Great tips. Couponing is literally a lifesaver for me.

We are a family of six, so I have to know what I am going to buy before I head to the store, and it has to be cheap! You have inspired me to get back into couponing. When I lived in Georgia, I loved it and used the file method. So it looks this Sunday, I need to get me some news papers. I feel like it would be great for our family. I will have to use these tips. This is amazing. I stopped watching TV after I had kids haha! But seriously, thanks for all the detailed information. I tried it once but I always forgot the coupons, Ha! Great tips though! My husband thought I was crazy at first, until he came to the store with me one time and we walked out with almost a free cart of food.

I used to be a big-time couponer…ah…good times. I guess I stopped because it took me SO long to research, clip, and shop each week…it was almost like a part time job. A lot has changed! I know a very large part of it was due to that TV show. The regulations got more strict and the limits got lower. This is so helpful! I usually spend about hour total clipping, reading matchups, making a list and getting my coupons together.

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You have so much great information! Thank you! I spend maybe hours a week on couponing. This is so informative! I have been wanting to get into couponing for a while I am a college student And this has set me on the right path. Thank you for sharing!

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This was so informational! Couponing has always been intimidating to me! During the whole extreme coupon days it actually made it harder for the average person to use them. Lots of stores flat out refused to honor coupons every time I used them. That made me not want to print them anymore, now I just do the digital ones like Target or at my grocery store. So less hassle to deal with. Then you find out that many of the people were illegally using coupons and the stores were bending policy for the show.. I have always been intimated by couponing. Great intro to couponing.

I do it a little here and there. But, every little bit helps! I have dealt with shelf clearers in the past and it can be so annoying. Oh wow! Very impressive. The only coupon I know is Groupon and the I got on the mail. I learned a lot today,. I coupon myself and I often find deals in the morning papers which is great. The issue I have with coupons, is this. Sometimes I get lucky and find coupons I like, but not too often. These are great tips. Those are great tips! I will check out the My Coupon Expert! We used to have a local coupon blogger but she stopped…so I stopped, but maybe this will help me start again!

Thanks for the tips. Caroline on MCE is great. Learning the lingo is so important! Such a helpful post! Definitely bookmarking! Great tips for beginner couponers! I have always wanted to try it but maybe now I actually will! Thanks so much! I tried couponing once upon a time and it was not my cup of tea but maybe I should give it another try. Thank you for providing this very clear strategy for couponing.

I think that now I am willing to take the time ro try this. So many of my friends do it, but it a as looks like it is such a hassale. You have changed my impression on Couponing. I tried. Went to the Southern Savers coupon event where she taught us how to do Publix and the like. I did it. I loved these tips.

Not as hardcore as I used to be but still the the thrill of a deal. I used to be a lot better at couponing than I am now. I love all of the tips that you have featured here to help me get back into it.

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These are some great tips for getting started with couponing. I do it from time to time but I definitely need to get more organized and get myself a binder. Amazing post. Never thought of so many interesting areas around couponing. I have been through the same challenges of saving the coupons but never using them in time of need.

This is awesome. I wish I did more coupons. I always forget them at home or forget to use them when out, its awful. Look for match ups for your area and start small. I remember the days of crazy couponing! It is certainly a way to save a ton of money when you need to cut back on expenses!

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