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Thank you so much for these. You're a lifesaver. OTL But I already used one of these coupons and plan to use another one soon! Prev Next. Where did January go? Holy, it's been 14 years since I began posting my less-than-stellar art online! People IRL tend to overpraise. Email was too limited. That is still limited to RL people. Photobucket was not quite right. Storage doesn't reach anyone.

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But dA! And even though many have left dA, I still use it instead of starting over elsewhere. Because recent years have been unsuccessful, starting this year am posting this across multiple platforms. If this year garners zero participants again, I will stop offering a prize starting next year. Last year, I stopped doing the automatic features.

This year will be the same but hey, still need to continue something, right?

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As always, thank you to any old watchers still sticking around: Watchers of -Feature- Watchers of -Feature- Watchers of -Feature- Watchers of -Feature- Watchers you listed. If I don't see your user name frequently, I forget your existence. So many times I'm like, "Oh, who's this. Thirteen freakin' long years on dA! Much has changed since my early days, it's a mystery why I still linger on dA. Who else my age still does unprofessional quality art as a hobby and post where mostly youngsters lurk?

None of you want to read my rants, right? Examples at bottom of journal. Reminder: I work bloody slow. The option to see progress as I work on it or be sur.

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Watchers of -Feature- Happy New Year! It's time for my annual watcher feature! First, I still thank my old watchers, whether you live or not: Watchers of -Feature- Watchers of -Feature- Watchers of -Feature- Watchers you listed. Any watchers from reading this?! Whether the commission is a single messy sketch or multiple fully colored illustrations doesn't matter. It's YOUR commission rates. Tell me the choices available, and I'll tell you what I would like to commission from you. Watchers of -Feature- Happy belated New Years! Thank you very much! I will probably fail to remember most of you, but let me take this chance to make an attempt to: tangledmire NaturisticLeafy QueenieKomori Ghostdog SkrillexDeadmau5 lauraypablo Oribinubis danny-mechanist carolyn11 Voleno likelikes LivingInMoment Megan-has-tea stargateatl Sosufo And of course, I must extend my thanks to the old watchers still putting up with me: Watchers of -Feature-.

Got that? And crap not related to art. Mostly cause I forget. And some crap not related to art. I still don't know WTF my purpose there is. I'm mainly a desktop user so Let me see What does your username mean? If it isn't obvious, I'm a long time fan of Meeko. I'm not Japanese. Picked -chan mainly because I'm a girl. The hyphen is missing in Meekochan because Meeko-chan was already taken. Describe yourself in three words. Are you left or right handed? I'm a righty What was your first deviation?

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  8. Not the original file I uploaded on the fateful day I joined dA, but its the same deviation number and artwork on the left. What is your favourite type of art to create? A very short feeling If you could instantly master a different a. Last month, I thought I finally found the cause of my PC woes: faulty graphics card. So naturally I replaced it. Last night, the BSODs returned. I wanted to cry so badly. Welp, that doesn't exactly make me want to plug my tablet in anytime soon.

    I'm about to throw in the towel and just buy a fucking new PC. However, if any hardaware gurus reading this wants to give advice, shoot away. The only consistent symptom is that the BSODs minidumps are inconsistent, and if they happen, it's usually around 10 minutes after booting computer or waking from sleep mode. What made me finally conclude the graphics card is the troublemaker was motherboard beep code.

    Extra info: PC is almost 6 years old, PSU and graphics cards are the only components that I have replaced during these years. Featured in Collections help by cryptidCore. View More. I've chosen the top ten and placed them in a poll on my devArt profile. Please read the descriptions before voting.

    You can vote for your own piece. The votes will help me decide which piece works best for the theme. Voting ends September 7th, Interpret the theme however you want.

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    You can show how you feel or what you do or even explain how you deal with it, for example. This is entirely open to individual interpretation. They can be the same medium or vary greatly. But don't worry, I'll let you know as soon as possible!! The good news is: Everyone who has a digital camera phone and a computer can take part! You don't require to have any texture making skillset whatsoever. It's supposed to be fun and it's all about experimenting and trying something new Oh, and: no theme.

    We would like to see you go wild with your imagination. But remember, it's a resource so usability is important, too. The Challenge We challenge you to create one multifaceted texture resource that consists of at least 2 photo components.

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    To digitally assemble the texture from your own photo material , you can use any image editing softw. Not currently featured in any groups. Show all 0. Submitted on August 28, Link. Click here to view all clearance items. TOM strives to be the fastest source for delivering world-famous Japanese pop culture content around the globe. TOM also strives to support top creators in expanding overseas.

    This is achieved through the support of creators products and profiles, creating portfolios for creators geared towards overseas viewers, increasing their overseas exposure through interviews, exhibiting their works at overseas conventions and more. TOM aims to be a platform on which creators can post and sell their works to a worldwide audience. The Services are offered by TOM to empower you to see, encounter, and take in more about Japanese otaku society, for example, liveliness anime , funnies manga , delineation, cosplay and so forth.

    Through the Services you will be presented to an extensive variety of data, including, perhaps, photos, correspondences, music, recordings, work of art, messages, and stock altogether, "Substance". A portion of the Content might be given by us while other Content might be given by different clients of the Services or outsider merchandisers each a "Client" and, all things considered, "Clients".

    Content gave by Users, including any open postings or interchanges with different Users of the Services, is, on the whole, "Client Content. Use by or on Behalf of an Entity. On the off chance that you are utilizing the Services in the interest of an organization, element or association each a "Subscribing Entity" , then you speak to and warrant that you: an are an approved illustrative of that Subscribing Entity with the power to tie such element to these Terms and b consent to be bound by these Terms for the benefit of such Subscribing Entity.

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